"From a dream to reality"...

Arthor from Cardiff California

      "After many years in the construction industry my joints, especially my knees, became sore and stiff. For many years I would take over the counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatorys but they just did not seam to help. After applying the Canna Pain Salve now once a day for a month, my pain and stiffness in my knees and joints have become GREATLY reduced. It has become one of my favorite products and I don’t leave the home without it. Thanks for making such an awesome and useful product."


Brett from Encinitas California

     "While surfing a few weeks ago I tweaked my knee to the point of excruciating pain. After taking some painkillers I noticed that the drugs were just masking the pain and I would have to continually take the prescription to find relief. Not wanting to become dependent on the drugs I wanted to find an alternative.  Canna Pain Salve was the answer. With zero side affects and great pain relief I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!!"


Emily from Salona Beach

      "Although at first I was hesitant to use a cannabis-based product, I now can say that Canna Pain Salve is one of my favorite remedies. I use this product for my hand and wrists and within 20 minutes of applying I can feel it start to work.  I recommend this product to anyone that has a desk job and has to type a lot. Great relief for arthritis pain."



Steven from Oceanside

    "Great for tattoo recovery and skin irritation.  I would recommend Canna First Aid to any tattoo enthusiast.  Tattoos heal perfectly and quickly."


Beth and Jim from Valley Center , California

     "Both my husband Jim and I use the Canna First aid for sunspots and believe it works great.  With a history of skin cancer and being outside frequently we apply the first aid to any moles or dark spots on our skin and they actually disappear within a few weeks. Thanks for such a great product! We love it" 


Brenda from San Diego, California

     "Great for scars and stretch marks.  Canna first Aid helps me repair and hide unwanted scares. Great Product!"


Greg from Fallbrook

      "Great for tattoo recovery! I recommend CANNA FIRST AID to all my clients and also use it myself. One of the best products on the medical market."




Kathleen from Bonsall ,California

       "I love the Canna Lotion!! I use this product at night time before I go to bed as an anti wrinkle cream and think it works great. With small tingle sensation I can feel the lotion working on my face and when I wake up my skin feels vibrant and tight. Thank you Canna Topicals, I truly feel that this lotion works great."


Randy from Chula Vista California

       "What cant this product do!? I use Canna lotion for stiffness, pain and even headaches.  By putting a couple small dabs of the lotion on my temples and message it in, my headaches disappear within 10 minutes. Looking forward to trying out you other products." 


Sally from Rainbow California

          "I use the Canna lotion as a daily moisturizer but I also have noticed it has been helping me with my wrinkles. Going to share your product with my girlfriends."


Cheryl W from Boston, MA

     "Silky butter.  Those are the words that came to mind when I first dipped my fingers into this amazing lotion.  It glides on smoothly, sinking deeply into the layers of my skin --- better than any other body lotions I have purchased over the years.  My skin feelings soft, smooth and nourished all day long.   Pure and simple ingredients, purely and simply divine."


Bob from Oceanside

"I tried the lotion on a very dark actinic keratosis on the back of my hand. In 4 days of one application daily it has almost disappeared.  Amazing stuff!  All the best"