"We Produce Cannibis Infused Topicals"





Our testing process begins with the strain of medical marijuana that we harvest. We look for product high in THC and CBD, and then we test the bud. We then convert the bud to either tincture or Rick Simpson oil depending on the product and test for cannabinoid content. After we make out topical batches we test it again to see exactly how each jar tests out for our patients. Our results will vary depending on what strain we select to process. Right now we are producing our products from a great strain of Jack Herer sativa.


All of our testing is done by an independent testing facility in Ocean Beach Ca. called Pharmlabs. They use a process called Liquid Chromatography which can identify 6 cannabinoids.

Our first process in making our lotions and salves involves extracting the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. We use cannabis and not hemp because most of the hemp that comes to the U.S. comes from China and is most often contaminated. Our cannabis plants are all organically grown here in California by members of our collective.


Each of our products has a “base”, and there are decades of work involved in creating our bases and that is what separates us from our competitors. Some of our bases have over 50 ingredients. We then infuse the Rick Simpson oil or tincture to our bases and once again send it out for testing.

The largest sensory gland in our body is our skin. We have two kinds of cannabinoid receptors in our body. One is CB1 and the other is CB2. The CB1 receptors are the euphoric receptors and they are found predominately in our brain.  The CB2 receptors are more on the medicinal side and are found predominately in our skin cells. Our bases to our lotions act as a “delivery system” designed to absorb the cannabinoids into the skin and deliver them into the epidermal layer of our skin.